Questions and Answers

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are only available on our website: or on our facebook fanpage. Start of the pre-sale will be announced shortly.

Is there a minimum age?

Our events are only for people age 18 and above. Even if accompanied by a person over 18 the entrance for a person under 18 will be forbidden.

Can I bring my own colour powder?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. As your health and the environment are very important to us we only allow certified powder – you will be able to buy this at the Festival.

When does it start and when are the colours thrown in the air?

The festival starts at 12 pm. From 3 pm onwards there is a countdown for throwing the colours in the air every hour. The last countdown is at 9.50 pm.

Do I get a wristband?

Of Course! You will get a Holi Festival of Colours wristband.

What is the dresscode?

There is no dresscode. But most of the guests come in white clothes because the effect of the colours is most visible.

Can I bring my camera?

You are allowed to bring you mobile phone cameras, digital cameras and GoPros. SLR and DSLR cameras are only permitted with a licence. You can apply for a licence at

Are the colours readily washed out of my clothes?

Yes, the colours are readily washed out of your clothing. A slight colourful rest could stay on the clothes – depending on the material.

Are the colours dangerous for skin, eyes and lungs?

The colours are not dangereous. But to protect your eyes and lungs you can wear something to protect your eyes or cover your mouth, with a t-shirt for example.

Where do I get the colourful Gulal powder?

You can buy it at directly the festival.

Can the colours be washed out from skin and hair?

Yes the colour does come out from skin and hair. In rare cases the colourant may adhere to bleached or previoulsy damaged hair. Should you find colours residue in you hair this is not a dye, but rather small colour particles that adhere to the hair and will disappear with repeated washing with normal Shampoo. You should not use conditioners or other hair treatment products.

What happens if it rains at the festival?

If it rains at the festival it will still take place. If the forecast is for very heavy rain, the Festival will be switched to Sunday, if the weather forecast is better than for the Saturday. You will be informed in time via facebook and here.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes, there will be food and drinks. Own food and drinks are not permitted to be taken onto the festival site.