About us

The Festival of Colours are organised by the Holi Concept GmbH (founders and initiators of the first Holi Festival Of Colours in Europe). And these are the people behind the idea:

Jasper Hellmann

During a visit to the north-Indian Delhi in 2011, Jasper experienced a real Holi celebration. Back in Berlin he had the idea to bring this festival to Europe. And this is how a unique event was created from the idea: the first Holi Festival Of Colours in Berlin, a huge success! As initiator of the colour festivals in Europe, Jasper is happy that the Holi Festival of Colours became so popular among the guests and the media. He is responsible for booking, web design and social media marketing.

Max Riedel

Max has been working in the event industry for years in Berlin and is always looking out for new creative inspiration. When he saw this genial and unique project he just had to join. Being a certified Marketing expert, he cancelled all his other projects and is now puts his whole effort towards the Holi Festival of Colours Tour 2013. As CEO of the Holi Concept GmbH and a creative networker he coordinates the goings on and takes of everything  to do with numbers. He is very passionate about and engaged in this project because he believes in it.

Maxim Derenko

Maxim has known Max and Jasper for a long time. Together they have organised a lot club-, fashion- movie- and corporate-events in Berlin. During his Management- and Marketing Studies at the Free University of Berlin he played a significant role in the organisation of the Holi Festival of Colours. He is responsible for press and marketing and organises the sponsoring.