Review 2016

Another Holi Festival Of Colours Tour comes to a close. 2016 our Tour was all about the Jungle. For our Feel the Jungle Tour we created a whole new stage design and brought in many new attractions and acts. The tour stopped in 22 different cities spread out over 5 countries and 3 continents:

Tourstops 2015:
25th of March - Dubai • 28th of May - Lima and Wolfsburg • 18th of June - Frankfurt/Offenbach • 25th of June - Zurich • 2nd of July - Dresden and Nuremberg • 9th of July - Leipzig • 16th of July - Giessen, Mannheim and Leverkusen • 23rd of July - Vienna • 30th of July - Berlin • 31st of July - Stuttgart • 6th of August - Munich • 13th of August - London • 20th of August - Karlsruhe and Saarbruecken • 27th of August - Dortmund and Essen/Gelsenkirchen • 3rd of September - Hamburg

Review 2015

The 2015 World Tour has come to an end with the last event taking place on the 19th of December in Buenos Aires. This year we expanded even further and were present in even more countries and cities. The Holi Festival Of Colours World Tour stopped in 29 cities in 15 different countries. 

Tourstops 2015:
6th of March - Dubai • 9th of May- Lima • 16th of May - Stuttgart/Böblingen • 13th of June - Leipzig and Levekusen • 4th of July Dresden and Saarbrücken • 11the of July - Gießen and Rome • 12th of July - Essen/Gelsenkirchen • 18th of July - Vienna and Frankfurt/Offenbach • 25th of July - Berlin and Beirut • 1st of August - Munich • 8th of August - Hamburg • 15th of August - Karlsruhe and Mannheim • 22nd of August - Zurich • 29th of August - Mannheim and Malaysia • 12th of September -London • 10th of October - Barcelona • 17th of October - Panama • 24th of October - Santiago de Chile • 25th of October - Antofagasta • 4th of December - Abu Dhabi • 5th of December - San Salvador and Mexico City • 19th of December - Buenos Aires

Review 2014

Another year comes to a close and with it the end of the Holi Festival Of Colours World Tour 2014. Just counting Europe we had 22 festivals in 21 different cities. Worldwide it was 31 fesivals in 30 different cities across 16 different countries. The number of guests went up to over 500.000 and worldwide the Holi Festival Of Colours has over 2 Million Facebook fans. 

Tourstops 2014:

21th of March - Dubai • 22nd of March - Cancun • 10th of May - Hamburg • 17th of May - Vienna • 24th of May - Zurich • 31st of May - Leverkusen • 1st of June - Cologne • 14th of June - Rome and Berlin • 21st of June - Amsterdam • 28th of June - Leipzig and London • 29th of June - London • 12th of July - Gießen • 19th of July - Dortmund and Dresden • 26th of July - Munich and Saarbrücken • 2nd of August - Utrecht • 10th of August - Essen/Gelsenkirchen • 16th of August - Mannheim • 23rd of August - Brussels and Johannesburg • 13th of September - Karlsruhe and Barcelona • 8th of November - Melbourne • 29th of November - Santiago de Chile • 30th of November - San Salvador • 5th of Dezember - Abu Dhabi • 6th of Dezember - Mexico City • 20th of Decemeber - Buenos Aires

Review 2013

Our big European Holi Festival Of Colours Tour 2013 ended on Saturday the 7th of September with the festival in Karlsruhe. And that means: 21 European cities, 23 colourful festival, over 250.000 guests and more than 1 million Facebook fans worldwide, as well as countless media reports. 

Tourstops 2013:
11th of May - Berlin • 18th of May - Stuttgart/Böblingen • 8th of June - Leverkusen • 15th of June - Munich • 22nd of June Amsterdam and Leipzig • 29th of June - Frankfurt • 6th of July - Dortmund • 13th of July - Barcelona and Vienna • 20th of July - Hamburg • 27th of July - Berlin und Saarbrücken • 3rd of August - Utrecht und Dresden • 10th of August - London • 11th of August - London • 17th of August - Mannheim • 24th of August - Cologne • 31st of August - Essen • Linz and Puurs • 7th of September - Karlsruhe

Review 2012

One summer. Four Cities. 25.000 colourful guests. 250.000 Facebook Fans.

In 2012 the Holi Festival Of Colours mesmerised the people in Berlin, Dresden, Hannover and Munich. A never before seen collective feeling of euphoria and togetherness spread as a colourful cloud across Germany in the summer of 2012.

It all started on the 29th of June: a large number of people came together in Berlin for the first ever Holi Festival Of Colours in Europe and helped create an indescribable atmosphere on an unforgetable day.

The Facebook community began to grow, the media interest was enormous and the spirit of the Festival was carried through Germany. Berlin could not be the last stop. So on August 26th and September 1st and 9th colourful people gathered in Dresden, Hannover and Munich. The Events with up to 11,000 guests were sold out in a short period of time – starting from 6 minutes up to a couple of hours.


A few hundred people came to the Berlin Holi Open Air Festival on Sunday. They threw coloured powder and sprayed water at each other. The festival is based on the traditional Indian festival of "Holie" that is celebrated primarily in the nothern part of the country. The Hindu colour festival marks the coming of the spring in India.


A colourful trend called "Holi" has spilled over to Germany. People dance and celebrate and throw coloured powder at each other. But why? Galileo reporter Eva Eich took a closer look at at this new trend.

Watch our Galileo video here (German)


Todays festival battle is carried out in the following categories: party, people, cost and flirt factor. Which event will win: The colour or the tomato battle?

Taff Report - 1st Holi Festival of Colours in Germany (German) from Holi Festival Of Colours

Watch our 2nd TAFF Video here (German)

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It wasn't just a bit of colours at the Holi Festival Of Colours last weekend in Wedemark but an all out colour battle. Thousands of people simultaneously threw coloured powder in the air and transformed it into a giant rainbow. The origin of the festival is in India. But what is actually celebrated there?

RTL Explosiv Holi Festival of Colours Report (German) from Holi Festival Of Colours

Watch our 2nd RTL Video here (German)

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Everyone should look the same - coloured. That is the idea behind the Holi Fest, which orginates from India, where the party people throw coloured powder at each other. The Holi Open Air Festvail in Berlin was a little less spiritual but no less colourful.

Watch our 1LIVE Video here (German)


Berlin has many open air parties, but the "Holi Open Air" is definitely the most colourful. 3000 party guests and a lot of coloured maize flour make for a colour explosion with an Indian touch.

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