Your Safety

The main principles at our Festivals are fun and peaceful celebration. Here you can find some safety announcements which you should follow up

  1. Safety for your clothes. The best clothes are light clothes on which the colours have the most intense effect. A slight tan may remain on the clothes. But the colours are not dangerous for your health.
  2. Safety during the Event. You are not allowed to bring your own food or your own drinks. Glass is also forbidden on the entire festival grounds.
  3. Safety during the Ticket sale. Holi Festival Of Colours Tickets are available at the ticket partner Solucionis. Other Tickets are invalid.
  4. Safety due to the limited number of guests. The quantity of guests is limited. If all Tickets are sold out no further people will get access to the Festival.
  5. Security by a professional service. There are security guards on the Festival grounds to assure your safety. Moreover there are medical help centers and ambulances- just in case.