Questions and Answers

Häufige Fragen

Tickets are only available on our website: or on our facebook fanpage. Start of the pre-sale will be announced shortly.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. As your health and the environment are very important to us we only allow certified powder – you will be able to buy this at the Festival.

There is no dresscode. But most of the guests come in white clothes because the effect of the colours is most visible.

Yes, the colours are readily washed out of your clothing. A slight colourful rest could stay on the clothes – depending on the material.

The colours are not dangereous. But to protect your eyes and lungs you can wear something to protect your eyes or cover your mouth, with a t-shirt for example.

You can buy it at directly the festival.

Yes, there will be food and drinks. Own food and drinks are not permitted to be taken onto the festival site.