Holi Festival Of Colours

How it all began....

HOLI Festival Of Colours Leverkusen

One summer. Four Cities. 25.000 colourful guests. 250.000 Facebook Fans.

In 2012 the Holi Festival Of Colours mesmerised the people in Berlin, Dresden, Hannover and Munich. A never before seen collective feeling of euphoria and togetherness spread as a colourful cloud across Germany in the summer of 2012.

It all started on the 29th of June: a large number of people came together in Berlin for the first ever Holi Festival Of Colours in Europe and helped create an indescribable atmosphere on an unforgetable day.

The Facebook community began to grow, the media interest was enormous and the spirit of the Festival was carried through Germany.

Berlin could not be the last stop. So on August 26th and September 1st and 9th colourful people gathered in Dresden, Hannover and Munich. The Events with up to 11,000 guests were sold out in a short period of time – starting from 6 minutes up to a couple of hours.

„It is amazing …“

This is how the Holi Festival of Colours established itself in the festival scene and marks the origin of the colour festivals in Germany and Europe.

This was in large parts due to the professional and conscientious planning and organisation. Of course we attach great importance to the quality of the colours we use. They have to be tolerable to skin, eyes and lungs, and be harmless to the environment.

And what do our guests say?

It is beautiful. This is exactly how I imagine my life being- everything is colourful.

I will be telling my grandchildren about this!

That was one of the most exhalted moments of my life.

It is a fantastic and peaceful atmosphere. It gives you goose bumps!

It was indiscribable. That moment when everything was coloured. Shortly after that the moment when you don't see anything. Everyone was happy and danced.

HOLI Festival Of Colours Stuttgart

2 Million Fans

500.000 Visitors